Advice for those who live with a drug user in their family

DATE 06/05/22

Many families in the United Kingdom have a loved one who is abusing or attempting to abstain from drugs.

You may feel scared, irritated, and alone if you're the parent, partner, child, or caregiver of someone who takes drugs.

It's critical to recognise this and get the assistance and support you require.

Families frequently play a crucial part in assisting someone in quitting drugs. You will be in a better position to support your loved one if you get treatment for yourself.

Support for drug-addicted people's families and friends It might be beneficial to speak with those who understand what you're going through.

Your doctor can provide you with information on local support groups for those who have been touched by someone else's drug usage.

There are other organisations that provide helplines and local support groups for persons who live with a drug addict. See some examples below.


FRANK is a support service that gives drug information as well as guidance and support to drug users.

To contact Frank, dial 03001 236 600.


For families afflicted by drugs and alcohol, Adfam offers local support groups as well as online resources.

DrugFAM provides phone and email help to those who have been impacted by the usage of drugs or alcohol by others.

Call 03008 883 853 or send an email to

Families Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous and Families Anonymous both follow the same ideas. It organises local support groups for family and friends of those who are addicted to drugs.

Famanon may be reached at or by calling 02074 984 680.

People who use drugs and their families can get free, confidential drug law advice from Release.

People who use drugs and their families can get free, confidential drug law advice from Release.

Feel free to contact them at or by phone: 0207 324 2989.

Where else can I seek treatment if I'm addicted to drugs?

ADR may inform you about the many treatment choices and services available if you wish to quit using drugs. We can also refer you to a private medical treatment centre.

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