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At Addiction, Detox and Rehab (ADR), we understand what a huge thing it is to decide to seek treatment at a drugs and alcohol rehab facility. Checking yourself in for treatment of addiction is overwhelming and can be frightening.

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ADR provides free, sensitive, expert advice to help people throughout the country overcome alcohol/substance misuse and addiction issues via a 24-hour helpline.

Process of Admissions

Admitting yourself to a rehab programme for drug or alcohol addiction can be very overwhelming, both for the clients and for their families. Our supportive and friendly team will guide you through every step of the process to help alleviate any anxiety you may feel about getting assessed and admitted. Below is a step-by-step guide to help you feel prepared for what’s involved:

Addiction Detox Rehab

Get in touch

You, or a loved one, can get in touch with us in whatever way you feel comfortable, by phone, sending a message online, or emailing.

Addiction Detox Rehab

Schedule your rehab

At ADR we carry out a comprehensive assessment of all potential clients, free of charge.

Addiction Detox Rehab

Begin your treatment

Following your assessment, there will be one of two possible outcomes. Ideally, you will be accepted for treatment at ADR and you will choose to continue the process.

Addiction Detox Rehab